New Orleans French Quarter CourtyardIf included hotel amenities is at the top of your list when looking for the perfect French Quarter hotel, look no further than Bienville House –we’ve got it covered! Is there any better feeling than being in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans surrounded by luxury? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Bienville House, but for a more affordable rate. Read below to hear about the many hotel amenities that our upscale French Quarter hotel has to offer:

Hotel Pool:

One of our top hotel amenities, our French Quarter hotel pool is located in the beautiful, plush courtyard of the Bienville House. Surrounded by French doors and immaculate greenery, you may never want to stray to outside of the hotel – especially on a hot day! Even on cold days, our saltwater, hotel pool is heated.

Free WiFi Access:

Enjoy surfing the internet from the comfort of your room – at no extra charge!

Continental Breakfast:

Every morning at Bienville House you can wake up to our complimentary continental breakfast, served from 7am-10am. Delicious breakfast treats served alongside the Hotel Monteleone Dark Roast Blend Coffee.

Hotel Fitness Center:

Exercising within the confines of the busy, busy French Quarter can pose quite the challenge. Luckily, our French Quarter hotel provides access to a nearby fitness center!

Pet-Friendly Hotel:

Don’t want to leave Buddy behind? You don’t have to! Our pet-friendly hotel in the French Quarter provides rooms your furry friends will love.

Stay at our French Quarter Hotel

These are just a few of the excellent hotel amenities and services offered at Bienville House, but you’ll have to make the trip down to our New Orleans hotel to experience them! Although many great hotel amenities can make it difficult to leave the comfortable confines of your room, Bienville House’s excellent French Quarter location means a trip outside its doors is an absolute must. With the combined luxury of Bienville House’s upscale services and the beauty of the French Quarter’s architecture and streets, this is a vacation worth taking – ASAP.