Iris Restaurant New Orleans French QuarterDine at Iris Restaurant in the French Quarter

Bienville House is lucky enough to have one of the best restaurants in the French Quarter, only steps away from our lobby! The Iris Restaurant menu draws from contemporary American cuisine, serving up delicious dishes such as Malaysian Spiced Lamb Chops and Smoked Duck Confit Salad. With the powerful combination of Chef Ian Schnoebelen and Maitre D’ Laurie Casebonne, it’s no wonder that this culinary team has received rave reviews and won numerous awards.

What’s so special about Iris Restaurant? One unique practice is the menu is ever-changing. Not just monthly, or weekly, the menu often receives daily updates. You’ll also find a continental influence on Iris Restaurant’s menu, with unique ingredients from all parts of the country. You’ll find dishes such as Dry-Aged Strip Loin Steak from Two Run Farms or Duck Breast from Chappapeela Farms on the menu. It’s not your typical New Orleans cuisine at Iris Restaurant, but that can be a delicious thing!


Reviews of Iris Restaurant New Orleans

Iris Restaurant received Four Beans from Brett Anderson: “Chef Ian Schnoebelen’s aesthetic is based on sound technique, inveterate curiosity and a respect for ingredients. His menu bears no obvious trace of local influence, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being turned off by his accomplishments.”

Iris adds style points after move to French Quarter. The food of Schnoebelin is distinctive enough that Iris held onto enough local regulars, while visitors intrigued by the menu filled the other seats.”

– Tom Fitzmorris

It’s this little spot in the upper quarter. The chef, Ian Schnoebelen, is a creative guy and big supporter of local farms, but above all of that, the food is so incredibly, carefully handled and well-prepared. Every time I eat his food, I’m in awe of the standards he keeps.

– Michael Doyle


Iris Restaurant is open for dinner Monday, Wednesday – Saturday from 6pm until close; open for lunch on Friday from 11:30pm until 2pm. Reservations are recommended. Book your reservation online with Iris Restaurant now!