New Orleans is one of the spookiest and most haunted cities in the United States

Ghosts sightings, haunted hotels, abandoned buildings and murder scenes are just a few of the many secrets Haunted New Orleans holds. In celebration of October, we have listed some of New Orleans’ best paranormal activities to help you get the perfect scare out of your next New Orleans experience.

Haunted History Tours

Walking through the French Quarter at night is in itself a spooky activity. However, walking through this iconic neighborhood with one of New Orleans’ infamous French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tours or Haunted History Tours will help you get the full effect. These tours bring visitors all around a historical and haunted New Orleans that not even locals know about. Some tours even offer cemetery ghost tours! While becoming wrappedcemetery2 up in these spooky stories, you might even come across one of New Orleans’ famous ghosts.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Also among the most haunted French Quarter locations is the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. This museum was home to America’s first licensed pharmacist, who was known for having performed illegal experimental surgeries on women. The museum is filled with all of his past tools and other voodoo potions. It is said the pharmacist still haunts the 3rd floor of the building.

Haunted Houses

If you’re looking to get your adrenaline really pumping, visiting one of New Orleans’ spooky haunted houses will do the trick! Some of the most famous include The Mortuary and House of Shock. Both offer a gruesome experience unlike other haunted houses. At the end you might find yourself being chased by a dead man holding a chain saw.

Lalaurie Mansion

Not only is haunted New Orleans filled with paranormal activities, it is also home to famous gruesome murder scenes. Fans of American Horror Story: Coven will recognize one of these famous locations, the Lalaurie Mansion. This Royal Street house dates back to 1832. When the Lalaurie family lived there, the house caught fire and inside firefighters found a torture chamber filled with slaves that Mrs. Lalaurie had been brutally torturing for years.

Although the hauntings of New Orleans offer a scary side of the city, they come hand-in-hand with its rich history. To get the best of your spooky October, plan a trip to haunted New Orleans and get the full paranormal experience with us at Bienville House. Book your stay with us today!