It’s no secret that New Orleans is a theatrical city. Whether you’re watching a musical at the Orpheum Theater or watching a street performer stand perfectly still as if they were a statue, the artistic atmosphere is palpable.

With so many opportunities for entertainment, it might be hard to choose just one show. Check out some of our recommendations for the best theater, comedy and more in New Orleans:

The Orpheum Theater in New Orleans.

The Orpheum Theater is a great location to catch live entertainment in New Orleans. (Photo by Anthony Turducken)


If you’re looking for more traditional theater in a quintessential location, Le Petit Theater will always have a classic show going on at its iconic spot in the French Quarter. The theater is a non profit and is dedicated to presenting high quality theater, as well as supporting the local theater community. It is also considered to be New Orleans’ most historic theater as the theater is celebrating its 100th Anniversary Season in 2016-2017.

If musical theater is more of your thing, the Orpheum Theater will host many big name, traveling musicals and plays alike. It is also a great concert venue for those who enjoy seated concerts. Orchestras and symphonies will also play shows at the Orpheum, making this theater perhaps the most diverse in the city. Check out their event calendar to see everything that’s going on.


While people watching on Saturday nights might give you your fill of laughs, the New Movement is a full time comedy conservatory that hosts a range of improv troupes, touring comedians and more. The shows are 18+ and there’s a bar on-site which might make the shows even funnier.

Burlesque show in New Orleans

You can watch a burlesque show in New Orleans nearly every night of the week. (Photo credit: DivaGirl)


New Orleans’ burlesque history is actually a very intriguing story. During the heyday of Bourbon Street, it wasn’t odd to have upwards of 20 different venues hosting burlesque shows. The dancers were considered to be local celebrities and would draw crowds of hundreds.

While the burlesque community is now somewhat smaller, it certainly has not gotten any tamer. You can stroll down Bourbon and find a few shows happening on the weekends. The AllWays Lounge and the Theater at St. Claude hosts a wide variety of burlesque shows where the audience is very much encouraged to chime in.

Even if you’ve never attended a burlesque show, we highly encourage you give it a try while you’re in New Orleans.

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