Craving a Cocktail? Try Five Nearby Spots

Vacation and cocktails go hand in hand. The time of the year? The time of the day? It really doesn’t matter. We’ve rounded up five nearby spots worth checking out for a well-deserved libation.

Latitude 29

Distance from Bienville House: Not applicable. It’s right inside our hotel!

What You’ll Find: A tiki vibe and incredible cocktails from an internationally famous bartender, Jeff “Beachbum” Berry. Paired with Asian-fusion cuisine, these bold and fruity cocktails are truly a vacation in a glass.

Best Bets: Our vote is for the Pontchartrain Pearl Diver, a frothy, passionfruit-laced drink that comes in a cup modeled after a vintage design. The cups were especially made for Latitude 29 (although now you can buy them online in an exclusive collection from Jeff Berry).

Napoleon House

Distance from Bienville House: 0.2 miles. Make a right onto Chartres Street from Bienville Street, and you’ll see it on the right. Check out the map!

What You’ll Find: A major dose of history and charm all in one space. The building dates from the 1700s, and Napoleon would’ve stayed there (it’s how the space got its name) if he weren’t, um, busy in France.

Best Bets: The Sazerac comes in a souvenir cup, but our vote is for the Pimm’s Cup, a refreshing choice any time of year. Drink it in the courtyard outside.

Carousel Bar & Lounge

Distance from Bienville House: 0.2 miles. Take Bienville Street, make a right on Royal Street, make another right on Iberville Street, and you’ll see it on the right. Here’s the map.

What You’ll Find: An iconic spinning carousel is at the center of this bar, lushly appointed with elegant decor, live jazz, and an impressive list of cocktails, beers, wine, and small plates.

Best Bets: The French 007. It’s a uniquely Carousel Bar take on the French 75 and includes delicate pear and pomegranate liqueurs… plus sparkling wine.

Cane and Table

Distance from Bienville House: 0.5 miles. Just head straight down Decatur Street away from downtown, and you’ll see it on the left. We’ve also got a map…

What You’ll Find: The bar focuses on “proto Tiki,” the era just before Tiki drinks became wildly popular in the United States. There’s a distinctly Hemingway vibe here, and plenty of worthy cocktails.

Best Bets: The Royal Fizz. Stemming from a 1935 recipe, this spin on the gin fizz is silky and light.

Bar Tonique

Distance from Bienville House: 0.8 miles. Best to just check out the map on this one.

What You’ll Find: A gorgeous, U-shaped bar that offers cocktails of the classic and modern varieties.

Best Bets: A Moscow Mule. Theirs are tart and sweet… and generous on the vodka.