Enjoy a Tiki-Lover's Paradise at Latitude 29 - Bienville House Hotel

Located inside the historic Bienville House Hotel, Latitude 29 is an homage to the golden age of Tiki culture. This restaurant and bar is a beloved French Quarter hotspot. It is a favorite of countless critics, from local outlets like The Times-Picayune and New Orleans Magazine to national names like The New York Times and the Food Network.

All of reviews agree – a trip to this unique Tiki bar is essential. Here’s a taste of what makes Latitude 29 such a unique French Quarter treasure.

Latitude 29 is All About History

Latitude 29 is the creation of Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, a legend in the world of cocktail culture. Widely known as the world’s leading tiki historian, Berry spent decades unearthing the long-lost cocktail recipes of the 1960s.

His love for exotic, eye-popping drinks became his personal mission. Berry studied the secrets of bartenders that made American Polynesian bars a national phenomenon. He spent years pouring over their personal notebooks and testing their techniques. With multiple books published on the history of Tiki culture and cocktail recipes, his research has been embraced by the cocktail world, giving rise to a modern Tiki resurgence.

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, the owner of Latitude 29, is known as the Godfather of the Tiki Renaissance. (photo by @nolafoodphotog via Instagram)

To put his discoveries into practice, Berry opened Latitude 29 inside the historic Bienville House Hotel. His menu spans the entire 80-year history of tiki drinking, from the lost vintage recipes that he unearthed to his own original concoctions.

Exotic cocktails are Latitude 29’s specialty. (photo by @Latitude29nola via Instagram)

Each of the cocktails served are elaborately beautiful. And you get plenty of history and artful balance in each sip.

New Orleans Fare, Done Tiki-Style

While Latitude 29 is world-renowned Tiki bar, it is also a critically-acclaimed restaurant. Chef Chris Shortall invented a menu of “PolynAsian” cuisine, a melange of Asian flavors combined in ways never tasted before.

The kitchen crew at is dedicated to creating beautifully playful Tiki Cuisine. The menu includes options for gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan guests. And tropical taste and fresh gulf ingredients go hand-in-hand. Enjoy everything from Pork Adobo that’s slow braised in coconut milk to Sambal Shrimp & Grits.

The fare is meticulously designed to be colorful and delicious – just like Berry’s signature drinks. For a full-blown Tiki experience, a modern Polynesian meal at Latitude 29 is a must.

Latitude 29 is a Step Back in Time

In addition to collecting Tiki drink recipes, the Jeff “Beachbum” Berry spent much of his life gathering Tiki relics and Polynesian-Pop ephemera. His personal collection now decorates Latitude 29, including rare mugs and bowls from the 1960s Polynesian restaurants he idolized.

An evening at the bar is full of antique treasures. Kava Kava figures from Easter Island, polished oceanic woods, and tapa ceiling lanterns are just a few of the adornments. Berry also curates a hand-selected soundtrack of Tiki tunes for patrons to enjoy with their meal and cocktail.

Step inside a Tiki paradise at Latitude 29 (photo by @Latitude29nola via Instagram)

Berry’s favorite neo-Tiki artist, Bosko Hrnjak, was instrumental in designing the décor. He created hand-carved tikis for the throwback space that give it a true retro vibe.

Enjoy it All Inside Bienville House

With its historic drinks, incredible cuisine, and authentic atmosphere, Latitude 29 is a prime tiki destination. For those seeking a unique experience in a city known for its one-of-a-kind culture, Latitude 29 delivers.

And when you book your stay at the historic Bienville House Hotel, you can enjoy this iconic cocktail mecca right in the comfort of your home away from home. Enjoy the best of New Orleans’ historic French Quarter today at Bienville House.